[fossil-users] fossil set uv-sync question
j. van den hoff
2018-06-28 09:14:15 UTC
I am still struggling with unversioned files: after "discovering" the
uv-sync setting I tried it out:

* on the server I did `fossil set --global uv-sync on'.

* doing, then, a file system based clone on the server `fossil clone
{path_to_server_repo} {path_to_clone_in_server_file_system} works as
expected (uv-files cloned as well), fine. BUT

* doing from the remote machine (after setting `uv-sync on' there, too)
`fossil clone {ssh-transport:path_to_server_repo} {path_to_local_clone}
does not work: the uv-files residing in the server repo are still not
synced/cloned. they appear only after opening the clone and issuing
`fossil sync' again (so the local uv-sync setting, then, actually *is

question 2: should not the clone via ssh-transport from the remote
machine, too, clone the uv-files just as the file system based clone on
the server side?

if it matters: the server-side repo had been created while `uv-sync' was
still off. (question 3: does a closed repo have "local" settings? where
are they stored? can't find them in the schema...)

thank you,

PS: uv-sync seems nowhere to be mentioned (let alone explained) in the
command line help (only found it in the GUI). maybe it should be
mentioned/explained in `fossil help uv'? also, the current explanation

If true, automatically send unversioned files as part
of a "fossil clone" or "fossil sync" command. The
default is false, in which case the -u option is
needed to clone or sync unversioned files.

it was not obvious from this text whether the server-side or the
clone-side setting is relevant ("if true, automatically send..." seems to
indicate it's the server-side, but actually it is the clone-side). maybe
this could be rephrased?
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