[fossil-users] Tiny success story: getting ancient repos running
Stephan Beal
2018-07-01 19:58:34 UTC
In my mailbox's Drafts folder is a collection of small fossil repos i kept
when i left a job in May, 2010 (they just held my own utility scripts, not
Corporate Property). To save them, i'd just attached them to a mail and
never sent them, preserving them as draft mails. Today, on a whim, i
unattached them and tried to open them...

[***@lapdog:~/tmp]$ f rebuild McTool.fsl
SQLITE_ERROR: table config has no column named mtime
f: table config has no column named mtime: {REPLACE INTO
config(name,value,mtime) VALUES('hash-policy',1,now())}

Not terribly surprising, but let's see if it's really that easy to get them
back up and running...

[***@lapdog:~/tmp]$ sqlite3 McTool.fsl
SQLite version 3.24.0 2018-05-12 23:56:22
sqlite> alter table config add column mtime integer;
[***@lapdog:~/tmp]$ f rebuild McTool.fsl
100.0% complete...


i was expecting to have to do more schema surgery than that.

----- stephan beal
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