[fossil-users] persisting uv-files sync confusion
j. van den hoff
2018-06-29 14:11:34 UTC
still struggling with this:

short version: `fossil clone' seems not to honour the `uv-sync' setting.

long version:

* server repo created while global `uv-sync' setting was still "off" (if
this matters)

* server repo is not "open", i.e. no associated checkout (if this matters)

* server-side `uv-sync' global setting changed to "on" after creation of
server repo (if this matters)

* client-side `uv-sync' global setting "on"

* from client, `fossil clone -u' does clone uv-files as expected

* from client, `fossil clone' does _not_ clone the uv-files despite
manpage stating:

Setting: "uv-sync"
If true, automatically send unversioned files as part
of a "fossil clone" or "fossil sync" command.

* after opening the clone, `fossil sync' (w/o `-u') behaves as advertised
and pull's the uv-files.

my fault or fossil's?

thank you
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